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The name of God, often referred to as the Tetragrammaton (a Greek word meaning “four letters”), is written with four Hebrew letters: Yud, Hey, Vav and the letter Hey again. One of the oldest known examples of this name is found in the Temple Ostraca (Note that Hebrew is read from right to left). Bible scholars, what is the meaning of the Hebrew letters ... Nov 30, 2010 · Bible scholars, what is the meaning of the Hebrew letters of the Divine Name - YHVH - Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey? Update : I appreciate the answer by Acid Rain - not to get pedantic about letters and that God is I am who I am. The God Behind the Names: YHWH (YHVH/YHUH) / Jehovah Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh ( ) [Adonai] is God, merciful and compassionate, slow to anger, rich in grace and truth;" (CJB) Leviticus 24:11 — "in the course of which the son of the woman of Isra'el uttered the Name [Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh ( )] in a curse.

What Is The Tetragrammaton? | My Jewish Learning The Tetragrammaton, referred to in rabbinic literature as HaShem (The Name) or Shem Hameforash (The Special Name), is the word used to refer to the four-letter word, yud-hey-vav-hey (יהוה), that is the name for God used in the Hebrew Bible.. The name, which some people pronounce as Yahweh and others (mostly Christians) as Jehovah, appears 5,410 times in the Bible (1,419 of those in the Torah). 01-3-2010: YHWH: THE HIDDEN NAME OF GOD-REVEALED In the ancient Hebrew Text of The Torah (five Books of Moses) the name of GOD is written (hidden) without certain key letters so this name could not be pronounced and spoken. In Hebrew, the name of GOD is written as YOD - HEI - VAV - HEI (as Hebrew is read "backwards", from right to left). 4 faces of God: Yod Hei Vav Hei – FreedomARC 4 faces of God: Yod Hei Vav Hei. Engaging God. If you like these activations and want more, then please head over to https://eg.freedomarc.org. to start a free 2 week trial for the Engaging God programme.

YHVH - Yud Hei Vav Hei - All Acronyms What is the abbreviation for Yud Hei Vav Hei? What does YHVH stand for? YHVH abbreviation stands for Yud Hei Vav Hei. ו Vav - Gnostic Teachings May 26, 2009 · The Vav and Hei represent the man and the woman. Because the man and the woman are separated sexes, masculine feminine, the Vav also represents the phallus in a state of erection, the male sexual organ standing upright, energized and ready to serve. The Hei represents the receptive feminine sexual organ, ready to serve. "Yod" "Heh" "Vav" "Heh" - Friends N Christ Dec 29, 2017 · From which we get the Tetragrammaton -Yod Heh Vav Heh. And properly shortened to. I Am or "Yah" (the self exsisting One) The four letters of God’s name - Yod, Heh, and Vav, Heh - form the words we use in Hebrew for the passage (3 basic divisions) of time: past (heh, yod, heh,) present (heh, vav, heh) and future (yod, heh, yod, heh.)

1 Apr 2010 In Hebrew, the name of GOD is written as YOD - HEI - VAV - HEI (as names have a meaning and YA-WA or (YAHWEH) has no meaning.

Hey Vav Hey Yod In ancient Hebrew God's Name was not so much letters as pictures (Seekins, 1994). In other words God's name is actually inexpressible in human voice and can only be represented in language when it is considered more of a visual representation of what His Name means. Meditation on God’s Name – GalEinai – Revealing the Torah ... Mar 26, 2014 · God’s Essential Name Havayah is spelled in Hebrew: yud-kei-vav-kei. According to the Jewish law, we are forbidden to pronounce the Name Havayah as it is written. Therefore, throughout our web site, when spelling out the Name Havayah we have replaced the Hebrew letter hei … The Kabbalah Centre | Unifying the Yud Hei and the Vav Hei There are two parts to our lives that are represented by the Tetragrammaton, the four-letter Name of God: the Yud Hei represents the higher levels, and the Vav Hei represents the lower levels. The Kabbalah Centre uses cookies for you to enjoy our site to the fullest. SECRETS OF THE NAME - A Trumpet in the Wilderness The first letters of the four words are YHVH (Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey). No wonder the religious Jews wanted the sign changed. It was as Yeshua had said that they would see I AM when the Son of Man is lifted up (John 8:28). But there is more to the letter Vav. The meaning of …

The Tetragrammaton is the four-letter Hebrew word יהוה, the name of the biblical God of Israel. Ad Fontes: Original Manuscripts and Their Significance for Studying Early My name is written yod-hei-vav-hei and it is pronounced " Adonai.